After each of the party members found themselves individually alone in a dark alley, a sharp blow to the head caused them to black out. As the bright white light and low voltage hum of fluorescence washed over them as they came to, they were found in a small room that only housed a sink and a door. After each of them found their doors to be unlocked they came to a hallway where the punk and the goth immediately started to yell and fight at each other.

Poking through what seemed to be some sort of bare office, all there seemed to be in the way of substance was a bench and a desk filled with papers consisting of many math formulas and a small metallic box. When the goth approached it a small light came on and suddenly everything went white…

Everyone then found themselves laying on small gravel and dirt in an open area. Through small gaps in the dark clouds they could make out that the sky had a green tint to it. I a hurry a small young woman ran in their general direction. Wearing a brown hooded cloak covering her long blonde hair and pale blue nurses scrubs, she didn’t take much time to bother interacting but pointed behind her and suggested that they go that direction. While some tried to catch up with her, they found that she was moving faster than even the trained runner could keep up with.


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